Del Popolo

Order a Del Popolo pizza kit and get it delivered to your door by Take Home

Make your own award-winning pizza at home, or try their Take & Bake Rigatoni. No subscription required, kits are for any level of chef and take just minutes to prepare.

We're not the only ones who love Del Popolo

Top 100 restaurants 2017, 2018, 2019

2019 Michelin Bib Bourmand – good quality, good value

"Del Popolo has a legit claim to the throne of the Bay Area Neapolitan-style pizza. Owner and pizzaiolo Jon Darsky treats his dough like a craft — a serious 'dedicate a life to doing this one thing well' pursuit of excellence."

SF Chronicle


Pizza Kit
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As someone who is not a great cook and relies on take out a lot, I found making this pizza as a refreshing experience! Loves playing with the dough and being able to add the toppings myself. Instructions were pretty clear, although still left room for some user error by someone like me. In the end a great interactive way to make some delicious pizza, the dough/crust was amazing! Would recommend as fun date/roommate/family dinner activity!
Pizza Kit
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Tried this pizza kit last night and it was amazing! Super fun because you get to stretch the dough and build your pizza yourself. Cook time was short and it came out delicious. Would definitely want to get it again and try out Del Popolo in person too!
Pizza Kit
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this kit was a lot of fun to make! whenever i order pizza delivery i feel a little lazy, so making my own was a great experience. took just 10 minutes and really gives you a sense of ownership. also, i could not believe how good it tastes. i know del popolo pizza is great, but this kit tastes just like the real thing!