Fried Chicken Feast

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Feeds: 3-4

Includes: Mochiko Fried Pasture Bird⁠, Kale Salad⁠, Dashi Gravy⁠, Pickled Daikon⁠, Japanese-Style Potato Salad⁠, Lady Choi Chili Heirloom Namu Hot Sauce⁠, Butter Mochi⁠

Instructions: Fried Chicken Feast is fully cooked. Designed to be reheated at home. Specific instructions included with kit

Vendor: Namu Stonepot

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Now who would ever say no to a Fried Chicken Feast?! Namu has an amazing KFC spread (Korean Fried Chicken) that will be sure to have you coming back for more.

1 review for Fried Chicken Feast

  1. Connor Milligan (verified owner)

    This was truly incredible. Every part of the “feast” was great. the chicken is hot and crispy because you heat it up at home, the potato salad was great, and the mochi to finish off the meal was incredible. perfect for a group

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