Daily Driver

Order a Daily Driver Bagel Kit and get it delivered right to your door with Take Home

Make the best bagel sandwich in the Bay. Don’t worry about your sandwich getting cold or falling apart on the ride over. Assembly takes just minutes and are designed for any level of chef!

We're not the only ones who love Daily Driver

"To be clear, since I’ve had some people ask me, these aren’t meant to be New York bagels—they’re hand-rolled, organic, wood-fired bagels with their own personality. They’re fantastic, I love the crackly exterior and chewy texture inside."

Table Hopper


Pizza Bagels
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The pizza bagels were great! very easy, came with 4 bagels so was great to share with my roommates. haven't seen pizza bagels in a while so was fun to make!
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
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A classic! Never had it with bagels before, but Daily Driver bagels are so good. The cheese is house-made and you can tell