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Make your next date night one to remember

Take Home’s restaurant kits give you and your date a fun activity in addition to a great meal, so do yourself and that someone special a favor and go with a Take Home restaurant kit. Easy for you, fun and delicious for everyone.

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“Perfect date night activity! We got it delivered to each of our apartments and were able to cook together over video. It was so easy too, anyone could do it”

Gabby, Take Home Customer

Check out how easy our restaurant kits can be! Make-your-own-Margherita pizza in just 10 minutes!

An experience you can be proud of

Creating your own masterpieces with a Take Home kit is something your date will be dying to post and tell their friends about.

Date Night Take Home DIY meal kit Lobster Mac 'n Cheese

Kits so easy, even a dog can do them

Kits come with the required ingredients, as well as instructions to ensure that anyone can do them, no matter what level chef you are.

Date Night Take Home DIY meal kit Grilled Cheese

We’re making dinner an experience worth sharing. See how easy, fun, and delicious Take Home restaurant kits are

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy are the kits? Take Home has kits for every chef level, from those that simply require heating in the oven to more advanced kits that require cooking raw meat. However adventurous you and your date are feeling, we have a kit for you.

What if we’re social distancing? Take Home restaurant kits work perfectly over a video conference! Just like a virtual cooking classes, you can connect with your date over the Internet and have a video chat while you both make your restaurant kits while social distancing. Just be sure to order your kits separately, with one being delivered to each of your homes.

How many kits should I order? Take Home kits vary in terms of how many people they feed. While some kits feed one person and will require you to order two separate kits, others feed three to four people in which case only one kit would be necessary. Make sure you read the kits description where it lists how many people it feeds.

How does the delivery process work? Days and hours the kits are available for delivery is based on the operating hours of the restaurant. When you order a Take Home kit, orders must be placed at least a day in advance, and you choose a 1-hour delivery window. On the day of delivery, the kits are made to order and picked up from the restaurant by our delivery drivers just minutes before your scheduled delivery window.

Join the many couples who are making date night more than just a meal

Your favorite SF restaurants, made by you

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