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Get excited to support local restaurants without leaving your couch.

Cook a Fried Chicken Feast, have a Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party, or create an Instagram-worthy bowl of ramen with Take Home’s DIY restaurant kits. Our kits come from the best restaurants in SF and they are made for every level of chef. All for 0% commission for the restaurant.

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It was really fun doing a restaurant kit, it was something I hadn’t done before. And being able to get it delivered while supporting local restaurants was a big plus”

Gabby, Take Home Customer
Check out how easy our restaurant kits can be! Make-your-own-Margherita pizza in just 10 minutes!

An experience you can be proud of

Creating your own masterpieces with a Take Home kit while supporting local restaurants is an experience you’ll want to share.

Kits so easy, even a dog can do them

Kits come with the required ingredients, as well as instructions to ensure that anyone can do them, no matter what level chef you are.

We’re making dinner an experience worth sharing. See how easy, fun, and delicious Take Home restaurant kits are

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I support local restaurants even thought I’m not ordering directly from them? Yes, in fact it is. Take Home charges 0% commission to the restaurant, meaning if you buy a $20 kit, they receive all $20, unlike other delivery platforms. In fact, if you order directly from the restaurant, they have to pay a credit card processing fee, whereas Take Home covers that for them. So ordering through Take Home is actually better than ordering directly from them!

How do you make money if it’s 0% commission? Take Home charges you, the customer, a service and delivery fee. However, unlike other delivery platforms, these costs are offset by the fact that the DIY kits are exempt from sales tax, saving you 8.5%.

How does the delivery process work? Days and hours the kits are available for delivery is based on the operating hours of the restaurant. When you order a Take Home kit, orders must be placed at least a day in advance, and you choose a 1-hour delivery window. On the day of delivery, the kits are made to order and picked up from the restaurant by our delivery drivers just minutes before your scheduled delivery window.

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